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Thread: Bad Joke...?

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    Bad Joke...?

    Well on another forum some Canadians took this too personally, I found it a bit amusing, what do you guys think?


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    I allways like a good rant..

    People that get mad at stuff like this should just get a life or become a muslim or christian of jew.. because then it seems to be ok to overreact about stuff
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    I agree completely.

    If the only thing I was good at was nailing my nuts to a door frame, should I brag about doing it better than you? The same principle applies to Canada and Hockey. They still bring up winning the Gold in the 2002 Olympics years later like it was their only day in the sun... but WAIT! IT KINDA WAS! The last time that Canada took home the Gold Medal for Hockey was in NINETEEN FIFTY ****ING TWO!

    I'd like to apologize on behalf of all Americans for us starting the incorrect rumor that you pronounce 'about' as 'aboot.' Your pronunciation is much closer to "A BOAT" and I'm very sorry that we've gotten it wrong all these years.

    I must say... interesting read... Speaking of Canadians... Anyone seen or heard from Striek?

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    He forgot too mention that if you are at work you may not want to look at the link as the first line has F*** canada in big red letters. I only got that far before i quickly closed it.

    I'll take a proper look at home
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