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Thread: Intel VS AMD

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    Intel VS AMD

    Hi there everyone.

    I know this topic is old and quite pointless to a certain extent however I would like to know everyones opinion. I am going to be building my own computer soon. I recently purchased 6600GT which will be used in my new box.

    Alot of people say that AMD's 64 bit is extremely good versus intel. I dont exactly know what intel uses now similar to 64bit as I have always used AMD. I am a gamer and AMD is the cheaper price but is it the best selection? AMD is cheaper but Intel is cooler and more stable? I would just like to know everyones opinion on this so I can make a good decision. Also I have read that Intel goes with Nvidia and AMD with Ati?

    Any comments will be appreciated.

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    This thread contains tips from some of the pros - read it slowly and carefully. Although, the AMD Athlox 64 FX is very nice (I managed to test one last weekend )

    Ultimately, I think processors are down to personal choice - everyone has a different opinion. I was contemplating getting an AMD X2 recently - although I ended up looking at an Athlon 64 3700+ instead.

    It isn't true about AMD going with ATi either - look here. 'Nuff saide



    Ps. I'd go with AMD..
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    Also I have read that Intel goes with Nvidia and AMD with Ati?
    Go smack whoever told you that. Utter BS.

    If you are a gamer, go with AMD. For just about everything, intel and AMD are neck in neck, but in gaming AMD has that one inch over intel, and that nice $50 to fill your pocket.

    Probably shouldn't go with dual core AMD yet for gaming... They still haven't quite caught up with the normal 64 bit stuff.

    Oh yeah, AMD=you are ready for next gen software (64 bit)
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