Hey guys

This is probaly posted somewhere but I cant seem to find it. When you start a topic(or thread that it is called) how do you find which threads you have started. For example: I start a thread go to sleep, wake up, log on and want to find it to see the answers. I always forget which sub section is it under so there must be a link in your options.

My second question is how do I cycle through unanswered threads so I can see if I can provide help or an answer for those threads. Everytime I choose an unanswered thread then click next it comes up with "no new threads or whatever". I just want to cycle through them rather than answering one then having to go back to the main page and start again.

I know this is probaly such a small thing but thanks for taking the time out.

BTW: AO is the best forums and "helpdesk" on the net. I have never been so quickly helped before and the content is efficiend esp nihil (he must carry a laptop around because he is always on the wall).

Thanks guys for your time.