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    Iptables best practises

    Hello everyone.

    Im a sys admin in learning and im currently working with iptables and trying to learn it on a deeper level.
    Im just wondering if ya all with some more experience could help me with some general suggestions as to best standard practises when setting up iptables from scratch.
    So far i'v been making a rule to allow all outgoing traffic (is there any major issues with this? I trust my users) and i'v been making one rule at the end of the INPUT chain to block all incoming and then i'v been adding the ports /protocolls i want to permit above it in the chain.

    Basically thats as far as i'v gotten. I'v been reading alot of recommendations about blocking SYN packets to 1/s to prevent SYN flood attacks.

    Generally, what rules do you begin with setting up when you got a blank system and setting up iptables?

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    try googleing this --> Oskar Andreasson
    here is a tut from him with some samples and advices:
    i hope it helps you
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    Also try searching the tutorials on this site - here's a good one by str34m3r: click. That should be more than enough to get you started


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