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Thread: Windows Vista filesharing

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    Windows Vista filesharing

    I'm playing around with Vista at work at the moment, having just realised that I could download it as my boss subscribes to MSDN.

    Gradually getting to grips with it, but boy oh boy is it locked down tight. One problem I'm still having is being able to access the hidden c$ share like you can with 2000/XP. In fact I can't access any shares whatsoever at the moment.

    From my XP machine, if I try \\vista , I get "\\vista is not accessible"

    If I enter \\vista\c$ , it says "an extended error has occurred".

    As far as I can see, the c$ share is enabled but I just can't see any shares at all. Has anyone worked out how to fully enable file sharing in Vista yet?

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    do you have admin rights to the vista...

    AFAIK...the administrator group...is not admin in vista...there is the all powerful administrator.

    also...try and trick it...use a user account and password which is the exact same on both machines...used to work with older oses...and vista still in beta....you never know.

    Also try posting issues in the vista beta testers news groups at MS...they are a great resource

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