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Thread: This is driving me nuts

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    This is driving me nuts

    Right I don't know if anyone can help me here, and I want to add that if it is not a suitable question for this forum, I would rather learn why, as it would probably mean that I don't want to be doing this anyway.

    Basically don't ban me just let me know I am doing something out of order instead and close the thread.

    Here goes. Someone posted a link to a site called "Proxyblind" and what a F**cking awful site it is, talk about jumping through firely hoops just to see what is there (I can't look at that site if I am using Tor???????? how crap is that). Anyway, it seems that to get started you get a bit of software - charon - and configure it. Well it gets to a bit about proxy judges and says there are lists of them on that site, but as I said before it is the most navigation horrible site in the world. Huge thumbs down for ProxyBlind on the navigation and forum layout of it.

    Basically, where do you get the addresses of a proxy judge? in other words http://wwwthingyhead.plop/ not just another site that makes me jump through hoops please, rather you said don't know
    What are the ramifications of using annonymous proxies, is it a good thing, a bad thing, is it dodgy legal wise, is it leaving your computer up for malware assault, what are your thoughts?

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    Using a proxy depends on how much you trust that proxy. All the traffic can still be intercepted and is always in plain text (depends on proxy). Public proxies are free but their creditability depends on how much you know about them. You must understand that site's which have normal plain text login your credentials will travel in plain text and the person who has setup the proxy can very easily have a look at them.

    Tor is good I have heard a lot about it but I've never used it. I did try using free public proxies but I've stopped them now. As far as legal factor I wouldn't know much but i think there are no laws specific to use of proxies
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    This site has a lot of links to proxy related stuff:


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    Proxies can be useful. If you don't want a website having your ip address, use a proxy. This can be useful for surfing dodgy "hacking" sites, like the Russian site that got posted a few days back. Proxies provide anonymity at a website, but not between here and there, which goes to ByTe's point about trust.

    I've got friends who use Tor. They like the perceived anonymity. When I need a proxy, I just manually set it in Firefox.

    The problem you're going to have is speed, Jonny. It's going to be slower than a straight pipe out on the 'net, like ipig.

    Remember: speed kills.
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