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Thread: Internet blows CIA agents' cover.

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    Internet blows CIA agents' cover.


    I read this at BBC i think its an informative read

    The Chicago Tribune says it has compiled a list of 2,653 CIA employees, just by searching the internet


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    Ok, tell you what - think of this:

    You have a "spy school" loacted in a pretty big city - how do you make out it is not a spy school??

    Well, the short answer is you dont/cant! It will always get found out in the end, which just adds to the negative publicity for the organisation in question.

    It was an amusing and partialy believable read untill it read the bit about " the CIA has admitted that some of the names listed are covert operatives".

    Think about this - a paper has given a list of name to the CIA saying - Hey we know where these people live - and the CIA say ...yes..well they are covert operatives so pleeeeease keep then secret!.............................

    It dont happen like that!

    Look at it another way - you have a training camp setup - but know that sooner or later someone, somewhere is going to get wind of it - so you file tax returns for a "named person" at the work address - then you buy a house for this named person and file that - then put them on the electoral role - then get a bank loan for this person(quoting the work address!!) then get car finance (again quoting the work address!) then you register for as many online things as you can that ask for your work address,hell even a hotmail profile asks for a work address..........voila - you now have a fictional person working at the "SPY SCHOOL" training camp....and when someone come asking about it..you admit it!!!!????

    Now - say this work place address is; 1 smith street- search for this on your favorite search engine! **Top tip - not all the best results appear in the first 20 pages, it depends what you are looking for!**

    Before long for names/companies will appear that are assosiated with this address.

    IMO things like this go unoticed for soo long because the results appear waaaay down the saeach engine results...page 150 could prove just as usefull as page 1 depending what you are looking for and how much dedication/patience you have.

    Think about this....you look out your house window and see a guy just sitting there on your street corner doing nothing...does he look suspicious? Of course he does - who stands on a street corner doing nothing???
    Now take the same guy - he is standing at the street corner....but he is sitting on a wall smoking a cigarette...is he still as suspicious?? maybe/maybe not.
    Now take the same guy...he is sitting on a wall with a cigerette, reading a newpapaer whilst his dog is running around him.. occasionaly looking up and checking on his dog(???) does he still look suspicious???? No he does not.

    People see what they want ..... beleive what the want..in my former job i had to find out quickly how to make people beleive and see what they want....but people also click on to things out of the ordinary......take the spy school - if it appeared derilict and no one apperared to work there would it be more suspect than if it was widly know to be a CIA camp....would it attract more interest??? AND............ would you admitt to a newspaper that they have a list of covert operatives.....if they really did??????

    Nice post though! Here have some green things!
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    Haha wow...big screwup on part of the CIA.

    Wonder what they'll do next?

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    Very nice reading article, thanks for sharing Byte ..

    At least now i know how to search to find those uber secret agents, that arn't meant to even exist ..


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    Too bad these protecting agencies can't have the privacy they need to properly operate. The stupid media thinks they're entitled to know every last thing.

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