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Thread: connection establishment issue

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    connection establishment issue

    Hi guys,

    I have a laptop (Win 2K) and a home PC (XP Home). I am trying to establish a connection between both. I searched in google and found some good sites and followed the instructions. The steps seems to be right.

    But still i am unable to establish the connection.

    I just want to share few folders across both systems.

    Please help.

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    more info would help, buddy!

    Are you going through a router/crossover cable etc? if a router what one??Same domain/WG or are they just 2 pc's at home?

    Is the Win XP account password protected?
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    If it is a very simple requirement to share a file or two, then I use a null modem cable because it is simple, and it works. I also use mechanical switch boxes to share printers and scanners...................

    You will need to enable file sharing between the two boxes............be careful...........only between them!

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    I don't know how safe it is because I never used it, but would PCAnywhere be good for this? Or some form of a Remote Access Tool? Nihil, your suggestion sounds about right (turning file sharing on for ONLY those two machines..) and that would be what I suggest. However, be careful of the traffic coming through when you allow it.. and be sure to set it so only the two machines have access to your files.
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    You can also use a ethernet cable if both Desktop and Laptop have Ethernet cards.
    I use this simple method to connect my Dell to my Desktop:

    - all you gotta do is make them both members of the same home network (run Ctrl Panel->Network Connections->Set up a small home or office Connection on each machine);

    - make your eth0 connections a client for MS networks & File / Printer sharing (Network Conn.->right click eth0 card connection->check respective boxes);

    - set the appropriate permissions of the folders/files you want to share;

    - create a Network Bridge (Network Conn->select the eth0 connection + any other NON-internet connection and rigth click them -> click Bridge Connections) on both computers, restart and your done.

    The shares should appear on your Shared Documents folder on My Computer, or you can just enter the computer via Network Places->View Workgroup Computers.

    If when connectiong to your machine it asks you for a user/password, enter your login details correspondant to the machine you are trying to connect to.

    This works for me, hope it helps.

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    Assuming the computers are on a LAN (local area network), you need to enable file sharing as others pointed out. Then, go to the folders you want to share, right-click on the folder icons and go to the sharing option. You'll have a couple of options for sharing such as read-only. You also want to make sure both computers are part of the same workgroup.

    Filesharing in Windows is pretty easy to set up. Sounds like you're missing some small detail.
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    I have the same set up as you at home, and if I read you right it is nothing about the physical connection but the networking of the two. If it help, which it won't, I have not managed to get the two networking. I can configure the W2K with others like windows 98 and the like, but getting passed all that bloody wizard stuff seems impossible.

    Is this more what you are talking about?

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    thanks people, i will try all this stuff. this might help.

    Spyder32, is PCAnywhere freely available? (freeware or shareware) i heard about it but never tried it.

    nihil, can u tell me more about null modem cable, please? i never heard or saw it.
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    No, PCAnywhere is a commercial product. Depending on your situation, it may or may not be a good thing to consider.

    You have the capability of setting up virtual consoles using free software, if that is what you want to do. Again, that depends on the situation, how you are networked and what the security concerns may be.

    Be careful of file sharing in Windows, especially when connecting shares between an older OS (Win2K) and WinXP. If you are explosed (on the internet) Win2K is likely configured to use LANMAN hashes for passwords (especially if they are under 14 characters long) and these can be cracked almost immediately. Your Windows XP, if at SP2, would have to be configured to use the LANMAN hashes (backware compatibility).

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