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    a strange keyboard symbol??

    hi all,i've recently begun reading about programming with python.it's proving challenging as i'm having to read up on every other bit of terminology used,but i am learning a bit as i go....

    um anyways,my question is actually about a strange key symbol that i don't recognise,but you guys will probably know what it is i hope.

    it looks like a stick man???i can't find it on my keyboard however n it's pissing me off to be honest.also how do i go about configuring the buttons on my keyboard properly coz the @ symbol is switched with the " button

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    You wont find it on your keyboard!

    You will more than likley find you need to d/l a python editor which will have the functionality to support these characters!

    Unfortunaltley all I know about python is that it is a big snake - so hopefuly someone will recommend a good editor for you or maybe a search engine of your choice!
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    These should help...



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    thanx guys

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    Hey Astral~

    it looks like a stick man???
    You mean a walking cane? or a fencepost?............... or | ?

    The first one is the "dead golf club"............it is the "logical not symbol"...........a bit like "infinity" is "dead eight"

    I am glad that you came to "General Computer Discussions"...........this is where you get the hi-tek answers

    What make of keyboard and what language is it set to? (that bit is serious)

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    Nihil's hit the nail on the head with the language settings, for the @ and " symbols.

    Go to the windows control panel and open up keyboard settings, then check what language settings you have, this usually occurs when you live in the UK and have it set to the US language, or vice versa.
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