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    GDrive - its not a rumour!!


    Just read the article here: http://blogs.zdnet.com/Google/?p=121

    It tells that the GDrive is there for reality. check it out!!


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    Sorry to sound like a boring old fart, but this kind of stuff was available some 5 years ago: "online backup and storage"..............but you had to PAY for it then.............

    You still have to trust the people,and, what if it all goes pear shaped?.............how much effort will they spend in trying to recover your data?

    Judging by free e-mail..............I would say "not a lot"

    My advice is to get a couple of books and read up on "RAID 1 " arrays and check hardware shops for removable hard drives.

    The only two people who really care about your data are you...............and the IRS

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    Hrm, we thought it was Nazi Germany, then the USSR, followed by M$, McDonalds and Walmart...but now it seems Google too has designs on world domination....
    \"Greatness only comes at great risk.\" ~ Personal/Generic

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