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Thread: Purpose of our existence???

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    Purpose of our existence???

    Questions of Life... Purpose of our existence???

    What's the purpose of our existence on earth? What is the meaning of us being here? Is there any meaning? Why are we here? What's the point of our lives?

    Are we here to live and die and to be forgotten? Do our lives have a purpose? What's the point of waking up tomorrow?

    Why live until tomorrow if it will have the same meaning as living 30 years? Or will it have more of a meaning? If there is a meaning, then what is this meaning? Surely we won't be remembered forever. We will just be a breath of the past. Someday after our existence, surely, we will be forgotten. So then what is the point of our existence?

    Why are we us?

    And even if you say the point of our current life is for an after life, then I want to know what's the point of an after life? What's the point of living forever? Isnít it selfish and conceited of us to dream of living forever? What's the point of a super happy after life? I thought there is no pleasure without pain. Letís go with Christianity. So supposedly in heaven it would be a constant feeling of happiness so what would it be more pleasurable than? What would it be better than? You would know that your just going to be happy forever, what's the point in that? Why exist if knowing your just going to be happy and live forever? I see less point in that after life that the current life Iím living now?

    At least this life has the goal of an after life. This goal gives us reason to live. It gives us hope and faith that there is better to come. But once we arrive in an after life, then what?

    Being human it seems impossible for me to comprehend living an eternity. We, human beings, can't comprehend this seeing as we are only human. We live by time, we live knowing our time is going to run out. So how are supposed to be able to relate to how great an eternity would be? Weíre just supposed to hope that it will be great?

    Should I even try to comprehend things like this, think of the point of life, or am I just wasting my time? All I want is to find an inner peace, some contentment, to know whatís going to happen when Iím gone, when I die.

    So if god really exists, why put us through this earth to then only live forever? Why not just skip earth and put us on heaven? What's the purpose of earth? If Jesus really is our god, then why did god allow us to think? Why didn't he just make us all Christians right off the bat without the ability to reason otherwise? Why does he let other religions such as Islam and Judaism thrive, when he could just make Christianity the only one?

    An unthinkable amount of people have died over religious issues. How is a suicide bomber terrorist any worse than a Christian bombing an abortion clinic? Both were driven from their religious views. What's to say a Christian is better than a Muslim. Or should I say who's to say Christians are better than Muslims, not whatís to say. We're all people. No one is better than anyone else. We are not perfect. So why should one go to heaven and the other not, when neither are perfect? So why do Christians act like they deserve heaven more than anyone else? They arenít perfect, and, surely, Jesus would understand the other religious people arenít perfect, so shouldnít Jesus take anyone to heaven?

    I'm just a little confused with life at the moment. This post was more of a vent and, although I am looking for answers, I'm not expecting that anyone would actually read through all my ramblings, but, please, try and explain your feelings on this whole issue if you can.

    All this got me to thinkingÖ.

    Ok, well now I think, maybe I'm not supposed to think this much. Maybe I'm just supposed to go with the flow of life. It'd be a lot easier and Iíd be a lot happier just to avoid thinking about things like this. I don't know why I do, but I do.

    And lately it seems to be on my mind all the time. I here it come up places, I think about it.

    It's just killing me hearing things like we all know we're going to die. The unknown is scary. No one knows what is going to happen when we die.

    Some people have faith and hopes, and think there is an afterlife. Some think nothing will happen.

    NO ONE KNOWS. And that fact is frightening. Everyone has their own views/ideas of what happens when we die, but it's impossible for us to know. It's scary.

    Let's say Christianity is right. It's hard for me to imagine that millions upon millions of people (especially in Asia) can be wrong and are going to **** because they aren't Christians. It would be hard for me to imagine if my mom became an atheist that she would go to ****. What a great person she is and yet because she didn't declare her Christianity she can't go to heaven. And yet some murderer, ex convicted rapist, smoking, alcoholic guy will ask for forgiveness and go to heaven? And my dear mother won't?

    I would think that if Jesus was so forgiving that anyone could go to heaven? Why exclude people, excluding them for not asking for forgiveness is just as bad as excluding them for sinning, in my opinion. I thought he was supposed to be perfect, and perfect to me would be for everyone to go to heaven.

    No human is perfect so we're going to make mistakes. If my mistake is not having Christ in my life, why should I have to pay with eternal damnation? Why won't he forgive me? The best person in the world could go to ****, but yet the worst person in the world could go to heaven, just for asking a few words?

    Honestly, I want to be a Christian, I want to believe, I want to find some answers. I want to live a long happy life and believe in god and heaven. The troubling thing is that I don't know if there is an answer set in stone, but Iím looking. I'm just having a lot of trouble putting faith into anything. I wish, more than anything else, that I could put faith in god, and become a Christian, and live a happy life.

    Maybe it's because I'm young, cynical, and pessimistic. I hate that I am cynical and pessimistic, and I'm trying to fight it. But itís so hard to change and I'm trying, but sometimes I donít know if Iím trying hard enough.

    All of this makes me realize that one thing I have to look forward to is the future, because the future has time, and time is what I need to find these answers in my life. I recently got a girlfriend and she is Christian. She has pretty strong faith, but even she said she has questions. She wants me to be Christian, and I want to be Christian. For the both of us it would be the best thing that could happen if I did. It would bring us that much closer, make our relationship that much stronger. And more than anything I want to make that relationship stronger.

    This is the longest post I've ever written, and if you've read this whole thing, which I would be surprised if anyone took the time to do, bless you.


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    Plain and simple - we were put on this earth the reproduce and die.
    The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it.
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    we were put on this earth the reproduce and die.
    but by whom ?
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    If I had a satisfactory answer to all those questions I would
    be a rich author of "inspirational" books. I had a terrible time
    with these issues when I was around 18 years old. Many friends
    were totally happy in their lives (or so it seemed to me) while
    I was torn between extremes. Coming from the rock and roll
    generation, I just wanted to smoke dope and have fun,
    but life is short, and we would all like to believe that we
    have spent in on things that are good and right.

    And Saul, yet breathing out threatenings and slaughter against
    the disciples of the Lord, went unto the high priest, And desired of him
    letters to Damascus to the synagogues, that if he found any of this way,
    whether they were men or women, he might bring them bound unto
    Jerusalem. And as he journeyed, he came near Damascus: and suddenly
    there shined round about him a light from heaven

    Sometimes you envy people who were born and raised in their
    religion, and never have a crisis of faith, or people with no religion
    who never seem to worry or sweat blood over whether they
    are doing the right thing. The most encouraging thing I can say
    about your questions is that they are good questions.

    You might consider the possibility that it is God himself who
    raises these questions, and if God is bothering you, it's not
    necessarily a bad thing.
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    If we had answers to all of those questions, then what would be the purpose to continue on?

    "Cogito, ergo sum" Renť Descartes

    This is me, sitting on the fence.....

    Agnosticism is a concept, not a religion. It is a belief related to the existence or non-existence of God.

    An agnostic is a person who feels that God's existence can neither be proved nor disproved, on the basis of current evidence. Agnostics note that some theologians and philosophers have tried to prove, for millennia, that God exists. Others have attempted to prove that God does not exist. Agnostics feel that neither side has convincingly succeeded at their task.

    I am a diehard cynic/skeptic and until I see unequivocal proof, then I will make a decision...and if it happens that little green men/people/things come down to announce that we are all fruit of their loins, then so be it...cause I for one can't be so arrogant as to think that in this whole universe, we are alone,or we are made in the likeness of some supreme being.

    Edit: Digoy, I hope you find what you are looing for, and trust that when you have found it, that you will accept it as part of "your" life, and not try to preach to other's, I respect all people of many faiths who strongly believe in it, but for themselves, I have always wondered why it is that we have to build places for people to worship in, what is wrong with your own homes, why can't this sort of thing be private, between you and your god, why do some evangelists insist on spreading the word to those who don't nescessarily want to listen or swing to another beat???

    just my 0.02 censt worth...
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    Re: Purpose of our existence???

    Originally posted here by Digoy
    Questions of Life... Purpose of our existence???

    An unthinkable amount of people have died over religious issues. How is a suicide bomber terrorist any worse than a Christian bombing an abortion clinic? Both were driven from their religious views. What's to say a Christian is better than a Muslim. Or should I say who's to say Christians are better than Muslims, not whatís to say.
    I'm a Christian and I hate it when someone bombs an abortion clinic, I see them the same as terrorists. In that situation there is no "who's better than who", they're equal, they're both terrorists. I also can't stand that precher down south that thinks these terrible things (i.e. Katrina) happen to heathens.

    No human is perfect so we're going to make mistakes. If my mistake is not having Christ in my life, why should I have to pay with eternal damnation? Why won't he forgive me? The best person in the world could go to ****, but yet the worst person in the world could go to heaven, just for asking a few words?
    I'm a born-again christian and I believe you need Christ in your life because he's the only way into heaven since he died for our sins, this is God forgiving us, he has the capability to forgive everyone, you just have to make the first step. His death is essentially the ultimate sacrifice (this replaces the burnt offerings they did in the OT). You go to hell when you die because you have sin. God is perfect and without sin (so is heaven) and since you have sin you can't enter into heaven (I personally believe in the doctrine that ALL sin is equal). It isn't fair when someone thats "good" dies and goes to hell and some horrible person that "just asks a few words" goes to heaven. Most people I think go to heaven really meant it when then "pray the prayer", I don't think a serial killer is gonna do that on death row 'cause I don't think he/she is thinking about/like that.

    I believe what I do because it give me comfort knowing where I'll go when I die. If I'm wrong? I don't think there's anything wrong with living a decent life

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    Is this thread about life, or a critique/criticism on Christianity?

    To me, it matters not why or how I ultimately arrived here. I am here--that is all that is relevant in terms of my meaningful existance.

    I pursue my dreams, indulge in my passions, and I do as much with as little regrets as I can before I die. What else can a person do?

    We live as we all see fit, and I'm content to do exactly that. I don't think any diety has the right to judge me on that. Since I know the possibility of living in eternal youth to absorb all of the world is quite impossible, I'm actually hoping that oblivion is what awaits me at the grave.
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    The purpose of life is to live your life happy with the way your living it. To go out, not saying " I coulda done that or I shoulda done that". To believe in something. to do something to be remembered by. Dont just live 80 years on this earth and do nothing. do SOMETHING.
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    we were put on this earth the reproduce and die.</quote>

    but by whom ?
    Who cares, just enjoy it.

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