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Thread: Aliases in DNS not working?

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    Aliases in DNS not working?

    About an hour ago my IP changed for only the 3rd time in probably over 3 years with my ISP while using DHCP. For some reason DNS isn't working very well. basically, command line utilities as far as I can tell are resolving everything fine, but GUI's such as IE and xchat have been having a hard time. I sort of found a pattern while looking at some stuff with nslookup. The domain names which seem to not want to resolve are the ones that are aliases. For example, www.l.google.com resolves fine but www.google.com won't resolve. nslookup lists www.google.com as an alias for www.l.google.com. Another example is this site. antionline.com resolves fine, but www.antionline.com won't resolve. I had to save the front page to my computer and edit the action in the form to login. My questions are as follows:

    Is this something that will fix itself over time?
    If not, is it a problem on my end or my ISP's end?
    If it's on my ISP's end, should I contact them?

    I don't see how it could be on my end as I never had problems with my router (just a soho d-link with a built-in dns server) before and I haven't changed anything on it.

    Basically, what would you do in this annoying situation?

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    Hey H3r3tic,

    Sounds like a weird problem ... Did you clear you DNS cache on the PC ? ...probably but anyway.

    The cache on the router is probably not clearable?

    To find out if it is a problem with your isp's DNS you could try using public available DNS servers and then use something like Sam Spade or anything else to do a dig of the addresses that fail, If it works with the public ones, well then it could be a problem with your isp (probably is).

    Some public DNS servers can be found here and here .

    Hope this helps somewhat ?

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    As Cemetric said, flushing the DNS cache might help.. On XP you can flush it with ipconfig /flushdns. No idea how to do it on the D-Link..
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    If anyone was wondering on the status of the situation, I swapped the router with a linksys I had laying around from my birthday. DNS works fine now. It's weird that it decided to not work so well right when my ip changed. It was working fine before that. Anyways, I had that router for probably 3 years, so I think it was time ( although it's up in a different location for reasons explained here: http://www.antionline.com/showthread...034#post894034 ). Thanks.

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