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Thread: What's Google up to?

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    What's Google up to?

    I apologize if this is old news. I read an article (written in early February) speculating on what google is up to these days, and found it interesting enough to submit for your criticism. I ran across another related article later...and began wondering at the implications if any of this speculation is correct.

    Article 1

    Article 2

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    Well: http://www.sun.com/2005-1004/feature/

    Google and Sun have been in bed together for a while. Can they buy Sun? Maybe. The SEC will have to look at it, since both are publicly traded. Can Google buy/build a worldwide private network? Seems a bit over the top even for Google.

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    OK you want it hot off the press?..................................

    Google are shoving a 12 gauge turk's head brush so far up bill gate's a$$ that he will puke up a few billions and the Google scumslime will retire to the Bahamas or Grand Cayman and live happily ever after.

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