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Thread: This I had to share

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    This I had to share

    You'd think you'd been praying to the rights gods if this happened to you:


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    Lol....I just finished reading about that in this mornings newspaper, it's brilliant, some people are just so lucky.

    I have to sympathise as well, as the beer in Norway is way too expensive.......I remember paying the equivalent of $5.00 Cdn for a pint back in 1986......

    Oh and the women looked like they could play for the Raiders...
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    Lol, if it had been me, The bar guys woulda came up and asked why keg was getting so light-weighted. I probably woulda slurred something like 'you cant just tell me im drunk' or similarly incoherent.
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    In Norway, the sale of alcohol is controlled through a state monopoly and beer prices are some of the highest in the world.
    Ol' Billy Gates won't like the fact that he's not controlling that monopoly

    That's probably every blokes dream, to turn on the house taps and have beer come streaming out of the faucet..
    I'm drooling just thinking about it, i think i might go and get a drink of water... Yessss water that's it...


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