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Thread: Hello From the Emeald Isle

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    Hello From the Emeald Isle

    Hi I'm,Mach1982,I'm 23 and I'm from Ireland.I have been using computers for about 10 yaers, and tinkered with linux for the last 6, I've only being use it as my main OS for the last few months.My miain intrests are computer networking and security.I'm ok at c programming, know a bit of java, tiny bit os asm, and tinkered with perl.Any way that's me .I hope I'll enjoy anitonline , and increase my knowlage of computers along the way..

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    Hello Mach1982 and welcome to AO

    OK you have not even hinted to the significance of Friday (17th.) so I will have to ask you a question:

    "How many counties are there in Ireland"?

    You will be wrong

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