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Thread: PETA's Penn and Teller Video

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    PETA's Penn and Teller Video

    Warning: Contains light cursing.

    Penn&Teller call PETA the way it is, a bunch of fascist crazies.


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    Great show.. I've seen most of their Bullshit series..

    We've been watching those episodes at a lanparty..
    And must say it was a usefull day and a half..

    I'll see if I can find a link to more of them.. (can't put it on FTP myself now can I)
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    if anyone here uses winamp, go to the media list and open ShoutcasTV. streaming free stuffs. Look for the esx.tv streams and one of them is always P&T Bullshit. also a lot of other kick ass shows on there that are no longer playing on tv.
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