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Thread: SUSE 10.0 X issues

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    fglrx is the config program from ATI (I think). From my experience its a pain in the ass to set up ATI cards in Linux, I havn't gotten it yet.

    After you install the ATI drivers you have to run fglrx (and there maby a recompiling of the kernal in there, which is what I think I missed)

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    this is a common problem with many distros that while attempting to cater to rookies, you must do things in exactly the proper order or the automated configuration WILL OVERWRITE your changes

    I do not know what you have to do to fix this. I think, if you edit the xorg.conf file after setting it in YAST, then YAST should leave it alone if you change it manually.

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    It's a common problem? How many installs have you ever seen this happen to? You may want to rethink your reply to everything post whoring strategy a little.
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    Ok, I followed the instructions here, and I have encounted a problem while trying to run
    sax2 -r -m 0=fglrx -b /usr/share/doc/packages/fglrx/sax2-profile
    I have attached the SaX2 error log. I'm not sure why it happened, because all the other commands ran smoothly. But when I executed this one, SaX2 did not start - it exited with an error explaining what the causes of the disruption could have been. I'm not sure what went wrong.

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    (SaX2.log attached)
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