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    ERD Commander 2002-2006

    I was repairing a clients computer, spyware, etc. After I was finished, he told me to just delete is account since he mainly uses his wife's account. I asked him if he had anything he needed to save, he said no, I use my computer downstairs. So I deleted his profile. All was well til 3 hours later, a phone call, it was Tom, he said he is missing a lot of pictures and .pub files that are for his personal business of 6 years. I knew what had happened but didnt tell him all of it. I said I have no idea and ill come over tomorrow to fix it, if I can. Well what he did was, he accessed the Dell from his computer downstairs which I mapped an S: drive to the Dell which had is .pub (publisher) files located. He failed to tell me that part. So I get there, search around, found 19 .pub files in program files\publisher but he said there were hiundreds of files missing including pics. System Restore was turned off. My only other option was ERD. So I booted from my ERD Commander 2006 cd, did a specic search for accidentally delted files, it scanned, and sure enough, his whole profile that I deleted was there and had a "Likely" next to it of being restored, there were 1800 files that were deleted. So I selected all his files, I found all his .pub files, etc, make a new folder in C: drive, restored them. That took about 30 minues to select them all and restore. Then I rebooted, went to the new folder I made, and there they were, all his files and he was a happy man. I started open them up and they all worked, even the pics, cookies, and temp files I recovered. Anyways, I got paid that day, if I didnt find them, I wouldnt have charged him for the 2 days I was there, Ive got to finish up tonight. So I would recommend this tool to everyone. ERD Commander 2002 -2006. Get it anyway you can because one day it will save your *** as it did mine

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    ERD Commander has saved my ass many times. ESPECIALLY for machines that won't boot. suggestion, next time tell them to not use the computer. Once those files are removed and they start saving stuff you can lose data because the block is tagged as free. Sure it's not critical here but if it was..... or they just happened to have a scan or defrag scheduled.... Bam!

    I own the admin pak which will do about anything. Even enable lan connectivity. There are some free stuff out there but where they fail almost always ERD comes through.
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    If i were at your place i would ask the customer that before deleting the data i will compress and encrypt it on CD or DVD and it will be obviously the property of the customer and he will going to keep it with him. In this way both the customers and support guys would be freed from lot of trouble. What do u think is that really possible for you guys and it is legally or morally save.

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    Never, _ever_ delete anything on a computer you don't own... Even if the user says it's ok... They never know where their stuff is and it always ends in tears.... Just deny them access to it... If they never need it again no harm is done...
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