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Thread: Windows XP

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    Windows XP

    Ive got windows XP on my computer and am having problems with it. Therefor I want to do a repair install. When I get to the Repair install screen using the CD I get enter administrator password. On the computer I have 2 users " A" and "B". User A has full administrator access whilst user "B" does not.

    Thus Ive typed in several passwords for the administrator, They don't seem to be correct.

    My question is , is there a way to either go into windows and find out what the administrator password is or change it using user "B"?


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    You should be able to use the password that was used during the original installation on windows xp.

    Type in that password and all should be good, and also when using the recovery thingy don't choose the first recovery that appears, try using the second recovery option that appears latter on.


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    Thats the thing Ive typed in the passwords I think I set the administrator password as but it says its wrong.

    Is there a way to go into and find the administrator password ?

    When I go into windows and check users listed on system im told use "A" and "B" have profiles. User "A" has full admin priviledges. is there a way to find administrator password using user "A".


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    If user A is administrator then you should be able to change any user account on the computer.

    But if user's A and B are just regular user account's, then you will need the super user account password, witch is usually set during the installation of windowsXP..

    So i'm taking it that you don't have access to that account.. {Super User Account}..

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    No , sure.

    The installation is windows XP Pro and on my own computer at home. Lately Ive been having problems with it ( in that it kept crashing and errors ) s i decided that repair was the best solution.

    When I log into windows XP as user "A" and I go to control panel users accounts im provided with two profiles on the system "A and B" Profile "A" has full admin rights and profile "B" does not.

    How do I find out what the super user account name and/or password is ?


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    How do I find out what the super user account name and/or password is ?
    The super user account is just called Administrator it is setup during windows Xp installation, you will need this password to activate the recovery session..

    There is another way to gain access to this account, just simply follow the following to add it to the welcome screen at windows logon.
    To add the administrator's account to the welcome screen in Windows XP:
    1.Open Registry Editor.

    2.In Registry Editor, navigate to the following registry key:
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\SpecialAccounts\UserList

    3.Create the following entry:
    Administrator: REG_DWORD

    4.Assign a value of 1.

    5.Close Registry Editor.

    Then open up the administrator account that is on the welcome screen with it's password and you should be able to work it out from there.


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    Ok this may or may not be working in your case, but it did on my win xp installation..

    If you are talking about password it ask in recovery console in command line, then when it asks for password and if you enter password of user A but get incorrect as answer Then simply press enter wihout typing anything, and you will get access.

    I don't know reason or any explaination for this. but it surely worked on atleast three windows xp installation where admin passwords were not accepted ...

    hope this helps
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    So what is the password that you use to enter the Administrator account when you go into safe mode?
    That is your presented with a list of Administrator accounts AND Administrator..

    If you dont know how to get into safe mode .. please ask..

    Also.. If your problem is parasite software, malware.. a repair install WONT improve your situation.. the crap will still be there to bite your bum.
    Also.. After the repair install ALL of your Win updates, patches and Hotfixes will need reinstalling.. so dont go on line with out a firewall..
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    When I go into windows and check users listed on system im told use "A" and "B" have profiles. User "A" has full admin priviledges. is there a way to find administrator password using user "A".
    So you're asking for the password of the Admin User (A)....why not just change the bloody password or am i crazy here. Because you asked if you could find the password using user "A" so basicly that means you know the password or you couldnt log in into that account. I seem lost, ignore this post =)
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    I seem lost, ignore this post =)
    I think that makes two of us

    I am inclined to suspect some sort of corruption here? so even if you "recovered" the password it might be nonsense that you could not use.

    If account "A" has administrator rights then just use it to create a new account with administrator rights and try that.

    I would certainly support Und3ertak3r with his suggestion that your problem may be spyware/adware related. Because they are not written with eachother in mind, when you get several, you can get all sorts of conflicts and instabilities. I would try to clear them out first and get yourself a level playing field.

    SpyBot Search & Destroy
    AdAware SE

    Download, update and run in safe mode

    Then "Housecall" from Trend Micro

    I am hoping that you have at least one account with sufficient authority to do that.

    And don't forget to switch off "system restore" first

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