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Thread: icon wont appear

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    icon wont appear

    hi, my some of my desktop wont appear.
    it will show the icon which look like the icon will be shown when the program is hanging.

    but when i try to change the icon of the program, errors occured.
    it say the filepath of the program and %SystemRoot%\system32\SHELL32.dll do not have any icons.

    i am using window XP, the menu of window xp will show the icon e.g, run,farvourite,my networkplace.But these icon did not appear.

    wat problem is this?

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    Can you check whether that file actually exists on your stystem?

    If it doesn't then i think we may have found the problem, if it does then firstly try to get a copy of it that you know is good in case the file has become damaged, and if that still doesn't work then you have a bigger problem. Try those first though.
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    the file is there.

    wat u mean by try to get a copy of it that you know is good?

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    Samuel - restart your PC and then right click > refresh. Otherwise c:\format
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