I am currently working as an IT technician at a secondary school, some of the teachers at my school have expressed concerns about the lack of attention the students pay when they try to conduct a lesson in an IT suite.

This lack of attention is caused by the fact that the students are sat at their computers playing computer games rather than listening to the teacher or doing their work. My problem is that the students have now found out how to access the standard games that are included with the Windows operating system (e.g. spider solitaire, pinball etc), obviously I have tried to delete the .exe files from the local machines. Although then when you try to open one of the games, Windows recreates the .exe file, I assume from some DLL file somewhere on the file system. If anyone knows how I may remove the .exe files permanently, I would be very grateful.

btw Ė All the computers in school are running Windows XP, Just in case you need this info. Also I am aware of how unpopular taking away the games will make me with the students as itís not that long since I was at school, but to be honest not all the students in my school are intelligent enough to realise when they really do need to do some work and if I donít remove the games then I know that some of the students will do absolutely no coursework as a result.

Thank you in advance,