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Thread: Microsoft’s Hilf says Windows more reliable than Linux

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    Microsoft’s Hilf says Windows more reliable than Linux


    Funny if I posted this saying Linux or BSD instead of Windows, I bet lots of people would reply saying I'm Windows bashing. So what do you call it when Microsoft lies to ****? If they think Windows is more reliable how come they can't run half their **** on it?

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    He is director of platform strategy there, so it can be expected out of him as a strategy move. In my personal opinion i would rather believe a user more than eomployee of competing company, talking about which is best...
    It\'s all about sense of power.

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    Microsoft has gone farther. They used to pay people to go on message boards or email lists and say "This product didn't work for me but we switched to this or that Microsoft product and now everything is good".... I've seen quite a few people who run message boards see an IP from someone saying that and they'd check it and it would be on the Microsoft campus.

    Not that they are doing anything against the law in doing that but it's underhanded as hell. You don't see people from many other companies who've done it as much as they have. they find a message board and pay people to say their products worked wonders for them. I don't believe users because of this, I test it myself.

    Maybe for once this can be a good discussion. It's stupid to have an OS board on here when you can't discuss OSs because someone says you're bashing Microsoft by doing so.

    And before anyone else replies I'll kick the hell out fo you if you come on here saying I'm bashing. This is the OS forum, if you don't want to discuss OSs and just want to say it's the same old **** or it's bashing, then don't even reply... I'll delete your post.

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    Gore but maybe people say it's 0s bashing, by the way you present your case to favour 1 os over the other.

    If the debate was presented evenly then people wouldn't come to the above conclusion that discussion was biased in so many ways.


    Me waits for post to be deleted

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    But I'm not bashing. I'm just tired of modding a forum you can't be on topic in because so many people are .... Well, seems like they are afraid to say how they feel because someone is going to call them a basher. When I joined here you could discuss OSs, now, you can say something and someone else says you're a basher.

    I've linked to things in the past to prove I was bullshitting for some of it just to test the reactions. Like when I bashed Linux a couple times, 1 person, ONE PERSON, asked why....

    I then did one where I stood up for Windows a few times. I was called a Bill Gates *****.

    Then I bashed Windows a few times on purpose and got JUMPED on.

    Now, what i want to know, is how this thread was bashing at all when I just put the link and nothing else really in there.

    Remember the thread I made? "Is Gnu/Linux/BSD ...." That entire thread was about which OS was truely doing things, it was the SAME things I post here now. The difference? I put that one in a security one instead of OSs, and it was the only thread I've seen to this day which had anything to do with security to get like 100 replies. People said it was the best thread they have ever seen here on AO, and more than 100 replies that actually had something to do with security can't be wrong.

    But we won't have that kind of a good thread anymore. Because people have no spines to state what they honestly believe. They are afraid someone is going to call them a basher and neg them for their opinion on one OS or another. I've tried probably.... Too many times over the last 3 months to get a good OS discussion going in here, and EVERY time, it was ruined by the closet zealots.

    Why? There isn't even a point in this forum anymore..... I try to start a good discussion, and it gets ruined by some ******* who thinks they know what I mean by anything, or thinks I'm just bashing with "My OS vs your OS" ****....

    Other than me who here saw someone stand up to Catch when he bashed Linux and BSD? Hmmm, not a lot of people did that.

    Who stands up to me when I bash Windows? A lot of people. See where I'm going with this? If you can bash Linux on AO you can bash Windows.

    And now that ANOTHER thread has gone off topic, I doubt anyone is going to reply. Because that could just spark the flames of hope that a discussion in this damn forum is even possible anymore..... I'm going to bed.

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    Gore ol chap..................just change your name to nihil, and go hide in "hardware"

    OR! start suporting RISC and VMS

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    Microsoft’s Hilf says Windows more reliable than Linux
    He would now wouldn't he?

    No need to bash windows, it's already beating itself to death.
    Just remember that the Chevy Vega (worse than a Pinto) had its
    warranty extended to a (then) unheard of 50000 miles, ironically
    because people wouldn't buy the car.

    People use windows because it comes on the computer.
    Computer manufacturers install it because they don't want to wake
    up with a horse head in their bed. Reliable? If you say so. Whatever
    you say. Sure. Yeah. Uh huh.

    The key to M'soft's success is that they are paranoid and don't
    take anything for granted. They have been down and behind a
    number of times but have fought back and caught up because
    they regard everyone as their enemy. When the rest of
    us learn a similar sense of self-preservation we will stop using their

    Some people feel extremely uncomfortable with a debate on
    Operating Systems and would rather bash soft targets like
    Geo. Bush. Others see a false equivalency between OSs
    with lame platitudes like "it doesn't matter which OS you
    use, it's how you config it" I'm gonna config DOS 5.0 into
    a server OS, right?

    It is familiarity that makes you choose an OS. That's why we
    still use NT 4 at work. The old time admins just love
    this OS because it is the one they learned to hack back
    in high school. As far as they're concerned, unix is something from
    the 60s running on IBM mainframes, and it won't run games,
    so screw it. Linux? "written by kids in the basement"

    As for catch, all open source software "lacks assurance"
    because it was allegedly written by pot-smoking college kids
    instead of the KGB (who follow strict policies). Somehow that
    source code becomes unreliable because trailer-trash have
    been permitted to download and read it, notwithstanding
    the fact that it seems to run fine on my machine.
    I came in to the world with nothing. I still have most of it.

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    Gore old chum - don't take this the wrong way. But you seem to be the one making all the posts about O/S's and you start everyone with "Funny if I posted this saying Linux or BSD instead of Windows, I bet lots of people would reply saying I'm Windows bashing" or words to that effect.

    Other than you I dont think anyone cares what O/S is better - they just use what they wanna use.

    No one starts slaggin them off untill you do.
    Drugs have taught an entire generation of kids the metric system.


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    I don't think there is ANYONE here who doesn't use both so woopie.
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