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    So, here we are again, at the daily AntiOnline awards ceremony, with your favorite host, Mr Jonny Frond!!


    For pointing out the bleedin' obvious without making me look a nob............. J_K9.


    For pointing out that not all proxies are anon.............................Nokia


    and for the ...... thingy..........................................Egaladeist


    Thanks for watching

    Jonnyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Frond
    Sarcasm is a way of life

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    Do you announce those out loud as you're typing them? :P
    You should record yourself and attach the recording .

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    Re: Anonemonamonamous

    Originally posted here by JonnyFrond
    Hullo fellow geeky fellows,

    Me here with another silly question in my quest for knowledge.

    How can I tell if I am anonimously proxied? I thought I might have been able to look here at the IP locator, but it just pointed me back here - shucks, and before you asked I was not logged in no.

    I though sticking it in the proxy url bit of the connections settings in firefox would have done it, is that not how it is done?

    One stupid Jonny

    There are sites on the Internet which will return everything the scripting engine in use (ASP, PHP etc) knows about your request. That includes the IP address the request came from (typically called REMOTE_ADDR) and any headers included (user-agent, referrer, and often in the proxy case the IP address the request is being forwarded for). By looking at that info and comparing it to what you know your IP address is, you can usually work out what's going on between you and the rest of the world.

    HERE is the best I've managed to Google up.

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    Instead of typing in different proxies all the time then why not try the firefox extension anonymouser.?



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