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Thread: Learning new things

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    Learning new things

    Any and All,
    Has anyone ever just been working on something and working and working and researching and researching and then MIRACULOUSLY it works!!! Just about everyone, I would think.....Well, I'm no great computer guru by any means and sometimes it is tempting to just post the question and not research it at all, but DAMN when you figure it out by yourself, it's awesome!!! I can't imagine being a pioneer in the early days, doing everything I am learning years later, but for the FIRST time ever.....WOW what a rush!!!! Anyway, like I said, I'm no guru, but when you figure out stuff on your own, even the small stuff, it feels pretty damn good. And thanks, I guess, to all those big guys who constantly say research on your own, read the faqs, and then search the post before you post might actually have something there. thanks....eric

    ps...i know that comp don't work on miracles or pfm, it's just a "phrase"
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    Of course computers don't work on miracles... Its all a good combination of magic and luck

    But in all seriouseness, I known exactly what you're talking about. To be one of the guys who made the first network or the first computer. It must've been awesome to put in some sort of input into something that until just recently has been therory...

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    found this on HERE in an article about interviewing for it jobs

    "A person with a strong knowledge of "the basics" but with no ability to teach themselves never could succeed in a fast-changing profession, at least not without the help of others to continually teach them what they did not know. Conversely, a person knowing nothing but how to teach themselves could always learn what they needed to know in whatever profession they chose, with or without anyone else's assistance. Ergo, the ability to learn independently is more important than the mastery of specific knowledge areas."

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