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Thread: How much time do you spend on the computer?

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    How much time do you spend on the computer?

    This is just to see how much time people spend on the computer here. And let us know why you spend as much time as you do on the computer.

    Here's mine:
    i think i spend way too much time on the pc every day (4-5 hours) i just can't help messing around with it. half the time i'm just doing random things and trying to perfect the way i have it setup. the other half i'm probably posting here lol

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    I spend about 3 hours a night.....reading all your bloody posts.
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    About 3 hours, 1 hour before i go to work, and about 2 hours after work to check some sites, forums, news, mail etc and then i watch TV on the PC (does that cound too)....
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    Originally posted here by Nokia
    I spend about 3 hours a night.....reading all your bloody posts.

    - Maverick

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    Nokia... You're a frigging star... and absolute star...

    Let's see... I start somewhere between 04:00 and 05:00 daily, (sat, sun included).. I shower at 05:45 then drive to work by 07:00. I then sit at my desk for the best part of 8 hours straight. I drive home at 15:00 and am home and back on a computer by 16:00 where I stay until 19:00. I am then on and off it until 22:00 when I spend a last half hour...

    Which adds up to about 14 hours a day excluding weekends which would only probably be about 5-6 hours each day...

    I need a life... But spring has sprung up here on the Tundra... I'll be able to go outside soon...
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    Hmmmm well i work on a pc at least 8 hours a day during the week with about 4-5 after work pc play at home. Then on the weekends i either don't touch it at all or am on at least 10 hours sat and about the same on sun gaming, yeah i know go outside and get a life.
    on average id say about 12 hours a day during the week and either 0 or about 10 hours a day on the weekends.
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    If I'm sleeping or at work, then I'm not on a computer .......

    Oh wait .......... I work with 'puters too
    so that makes

    let me see

    FAR too many hours a day
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    Hrmm.. I start at 5am and go until 10pm so about 17 hours a day (largely because of work). And then another 6-8 each on Sat/Sun. Just a little bit.
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    gaming: 1 hour/day
    business: 9 hours/day
    other: 0 ( i just hate computers!)
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    *recently broke my 8hr a day WoW crack habit, got the monkey off my back*

    I work from 1am to 1pm four days a week and spend all of it sittin right here.

    Aside from work I have two puppies at home that require stricked supervision so I get all my fix at work.

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