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Thread: Trouble with an Excel Document

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    Trouble with an Excel Document

    I couldn't find any forums on here that go over this, but I'm having some issues with Excel.

    I have an Excel document shared on a Server 2003 Network.

    All users have appropriate access to this file.

    The excel doc is password protected

    After opening it, I tried saving changes and recieved the following error message, "This file is locked. Try the command again later" Waited a long while and tried again, still got the same error. That was yesterday, still the same problem persists.

    I went into Server 2003 file management to be assured that no one else is accessing the file.

    I opened up the file through Excel to make sure I'm not opening through a viewer.

    searched in the same directory for the file that starts with ~$, but was unable to find it. I figured someone might have crashed Excel and that would be there.

    Now I'm stumpped. Anyone ever come across this problem?

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    OH! Dear!

    What verion of excel are you running mate?

    Try the repair and compact/compress tools if your version supports them....................

    Run checkdisk or whatever ...............

    How much freespace, and how big is your excel table file?

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    could one of the other users have changed it ?

    deliberatley or by accident, it will still be a pain
    isn't there a history for the sheet, that would show who used it, when and what changed ?
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    AHEM! Have you recently downloaded any updates for McAfee? Perchance?

    McAfee update exterminates Excel

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    Can you copy it locally onto your HDD and open/modify it ???
    Maybe you need to change the owner to "administrators" and try again ...
    There isn't any network-links in the Excel is there ?? They can cause some problems to .

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