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Thread: Moral Dilema

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    Yeah... but snitches tend to profit in some way.... Screw them, go for self.

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    Originally posted here by Synja
    Yeah... but snitches tend to profit in some way.... Screw them, go for self.

    These snitches didn't.


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    Well, I have sent them an E-mail from one of DjM's links. Now just a case of waiting to see what gets done about it. If I give them a week then mention it to the Head of IT hopefully it should get fixed.
    As for being thought of a a snitch, most of my friends aren't using the Access Points because they know it could be traced back to them if anybody cared to enough. They know what I plan on doing and most of them agree with me. We didn't poke around enough to find out, but that network could be connected to the schools Admin computers. Probably not, but none of us likes the idea of the possibility.
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    Actually... It really can't be traced back to them. That's the beauty of MAC spoofing.

    ANy other evidence they could get from logs and whatnot is circumstantial if you're careful.

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