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Thread: Limericks

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    To celebrate that day of all day's I thought I would start a "Limerick" thread.

    There once was an old man of Esser,
    Whose knowledge grew lesser and lesser,
    It at last grew so small
    He knew nothing at all,
    And now he's a college professor.

    Happy St Paddy's

    Catch youse all on Saturday.......
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    There was a young man from Devizes,
    Who had bawlz of two different sizes,
    One was so small,
    it was no good at all,

    But the other had won several prizes.

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    Re: Limericks

    Attempt at originality, be for-warned. Tried to get Guiness the honorable mention it deserves. Cheers!

    There once was a man who loved guiness.
    So much so, that he furnished it at his business.
    He never made a dime,
    because he was drunk all of the time.
    and could never seem to find his britches.

    Guiness is good.
    Guiness is great.
    Just don't drink so much,
    to make it resurface,
    onto the sweater of your date.

    There once was a lady who stripped,
    but found that she never got tips.
    "I hate this job", she would say
    So on St. Patrick's Day,
    she grabbed a guiness, and got ripped.
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