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Thread: The Corporation

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    The Corporation

    I believe I have posted this before......although a couple of searches have produced no results....

    and because it may have been missed before......and by some newer members

    I am gonna repost ....will post a link if I ever find it again

    I happen to catch this movie again.....

    I recommend it.

    Branded evironment

    The patenting of nature

    The control corporations have over our lives, our earth and our freedoms

    Definately an eye opener


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    Starring Noam Chomsky? i always get a kick out of listening to him condemn capitalism, knowing that for a nominal fee i can download his speaches from his web site or for abit more read them in his over priced books!
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    chomsky's books are actually much cheaper than any of his contemporaries, what you might be thinking of are people's books about chomsky, etc.

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