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    New gaming mouse W0W!

    My sons both got the Logictec MX-1000 laser wireless gaming mouse for WoWarcraft, they love it and are completely hooked on W0W. I started looking for a little better mouse than the old slow optical PS-2 I had, I dont really need a $60 gaming mouse for AAO and HL-2 Deathmatch, and never liked wireless stuff. I ended up buying for only $28 a KILLER gaming mouse, The Razer Diamondback. Its kinda old now but wow lightning quick 1600 DPI fully adjustible via software, Rubber padded over buttons for good grip, its so fast I can't even control the thing on full 10 setting, had to slow it down to 5, but I have the double click set to 8. I love this mouse and my killing spree has gone way up!

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    well they do have good specifications, i have been wondering about these mice for awhile now. so i orderd both the diamondback and the copperhead tempest. newegg has instant savings on the razer mice right now, so i got both for $110 shipped. i think its a little pricey for wired mice, but im curious to see what the difference between the two is, and how much better they are compared to my microsheit wireless.

    so i guess ill post back my opinions in about a week. the copperhead looks really nice, it has onboard memory to store profiles, and it seems to be a real precision mouse.

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    The Razer Diamondback
    Pathetic...............my Razer Boomslangs would eat it alive!

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    I don't use a mouse any more...

    I have a mongoose... It eats up the competition...
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