Say i push 'a' on the xbox controller, and it registers in windows as button 1. is there a way i can make it register as button 2 instead? and change all other buttons as well of course.

i only ask because while the program, joytokey, works great for assigning keyboard commands to a controller, it wont change the way windows inputs the default controller mappings.

In MX vs ATV it is apparent that the game was made by u bunch of knobs. The game simply wont save game settings even after the new patch applied. so every time i start the game i must redefine all of the controls in the settings menu. it makes me not want to play the game usually.

if i could just have a program that would change all of the inputs from the controller to align with the defualt settings in the game all would be good.

i cant just use the controller with keyboard inputs because the game still recognizes the controller inputs and screws everything up