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Thread: Who said potheads were lazy?

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    Who said potheads were lazy?


    Well it seems that some stoners started there own candy bar business. Anyhow apparently the DEA etc didn't like that idea to much..
    I found this terribley amusing so i thought i'd post it here..
    Drug Ring Sold Pot-Laced Candy, Soda
    Pot Tarts, Toka-Cola, Munchy Ways seized in DEA raids

    MARCH 17--
    A California drug operation manufactured marijuana-laced candy and soft drinks that were packaged to resemble popular products like Jolly Ranchers, Milky Way, and Pop Tarts. The pot ring, busted yesterday by Drug Enforcement Administration agents, was headquartered in Oakland and allegedly headed by Kenneth Affolter, 39, who was one of 12 alleged dealers nabbed. DEA raids at indoor pot-growing facilities turned up the marijuana-infused products, which carried labels such as Toka-Cola, Pot Tarts, Puff-A-Mint Pattie, Stoney Ranchers, Munchy Way, and Buddahfinger. A DEA spokesperson told TSG that the pot was baked into chocolate bars and hard candies and that the soda contained concentrated hash oil. A label on the ring's Nestle Crunch knockoff describes the item's ingredients as "milk chocolate with crisped rice dipped in hash oil rich chocolate." Some of the seized items can be seen in the evidence photos on the following pages. In a statement, DEA agent Javier Pena noted that Affolter's pot ring, which operated under the name Beyond Bomb, was "not only illegal, but potentially tragic," since "innocent children will somehow get their hands on these products and think they are just normal candy or soft drinks." (7 pages)
    See Website with pictures of the candy bars etc Here


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    wow.........awesome..........simply awesome lol. they went through all that work and what, just to get it seized by the DEA.

    they really should change the butterfinger to "buddahfinger"

    It's not like it's crack. No little kid would die from having that stuff.

    Besides it's not like it was on the freaking shelf of a super market for god sakes. As if anyone cares about their children.......if they did they'd freakin actually PARENT them, pay attention and not blame society and everything else for their kids being little screw ups and delinquents.

    potentially tragic......psht

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    innocent children will somehow get their hands on these products
    Once upon a time, long long ago, I had a friend who would often
    sell LSD. There were a lot of young freaks and hippies who used
    to hang out (of all places) at a Unitarian church. They had about 25 acres
    of space, really nice. My buddy had stashed a baggie of acid somewhere
    and thought it was safe. Unfortunately it was found by the minister's kids.

    Well, after some unspecified adventures, the kids were told that they
    had eaten the "Devil's Jelly Beans"
    I came in to the world with nothing. I still have most of it.

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    This is bullshit and a half. About 100 or so years ago California weed candy was a popular food item that kids ate all the time. The family would go and have a pic nic (SP?) and them, their kids, everyone, would sit down and eat Hashish candy you could order from the sears catalog, or buy at the candy store.

    The main ingrediants were Maple, and Hash oil. The difference is 100 years ago that was legal. And of course the crime rate of LA was nothing compared to now *Sigh*.

    Man those were the days. If you had a Tooth ache you went to the pharmacy and got some Coca Cola which had REAL coke in it (If you've ever seen a pic of an OLD pharmacy with the soda fountains, you'll note people would come in and sit down while the guys who worked there would put a needle of Cocaine in your arm)..... This was also when a Red Wine that had Cocaine in it was popluar with the Pope, the President, and Thomas Edison.

    Good times. If you were sore, you went to the store and bought a bunch of Opium. The Hypodermic needles was actually invented during this time. For all of you with "sugar" problems who need to take an injection to help you out, thank a Morphine addict, one invented the needle to make it hit quicker.

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    I remember the days when coke-cola had authentic crank in it. My Father has got an unopened coke-cola bottle and its got the special coke in it.

    If only they would allow coke-cola to go back to there old recipe...


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    I guess now gore, with the advances of chemistry, not only to understand but to refine and further increase potency, we know that theses substances are extremely addictive and can ruin lives, families and communities.

    You are right thou, when is was less potent and there for less harmful it was better for everyone...

    These days, even marajuana is extremely potent --> its a buyers market... demand means supply

    Just my 2c..

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    Everyone run out and give APs for a truth commercial, HURRY!

    First off, the most potent (I assume you meant THC content) pot this country EVER saw was in the 1930s. Pot today has nothing on how strong it was then.

    More potent would be LESS harmful because your lungs wouldn't need to inhale as much to get the desired effect. Therefore, more potent is SAFER for your body. Addiction doesn't ruin families, laws against it do. How many times have you EVER heard of someone's family being ruined before 1906? It's not that no one kept track of drugs back then, but the fact is that back then drugs were all legal and no one needed to steal from each other to pay for them because of someone being a dealer and charging so damn much in the first place.

    BAck to your little thing on potency, Heroin is less than a quarter potency what it was in 1900. Back then Heroin was almost pure. Today it's illegal, and cut with who knows what and dangerouse as hell because of this. Think of prohibition and "Bath Tub Jin". It was alcohol, but it wa salso deadly because people saw how much alcohol dealers were making because it was made illegal. So they started making alcohol in their bath tubs and it was dirty, gross, and full of things you weren't sure of.

    Same thing with drugs today, people die from an OD because you don't know how potent it is. You know what? To ****ing bad. Make Tylenol illegal and watch how many people OD on THAT because they don't know how pure it is.

    Drugs today are no different than Alcohol was 80 years ago. It's not pure, you don't know what it was cut with and you could die from it and alcoholics suffered horrible alcohol withdrawel symptoms, and they would rob and murder people to pay for more booze.


    *Sigh*.... The price is high because it's against the law and someone can charge whatever they want. The high price makes it un-safe to walk in Detroit after dark because someone could rob you or kill you for the money to buy more. Just like people did for beer back 80 years ago.

    Oh and let's not get started on alcohol addiction VS "drugs" because Alcohol is addictive as ****. And I live in Michigan in the US, here in America and in Michigan too, drunk driving kills more people every year than sharks and lightning combined.

    Yet the Michigan state police not even 5 years ago showed a study they were part of that showed people on drugs that were NOT alcohol, drove safely. They drove slow and didn't hit anything. The drunk drivers in this study drove faster, hit everything, anbd generally shouldn't have been behind the wheel.

    You want proof? Amsterdam. You can buy pot and hash in coffee shops there. If it's so ****ing dangerous why isn't that country burning to the ground right now? Because, most people who believe that would happen are idiots that are full of **** and know DICK nothing when it comes to what drugs really do to you.

    Oh oh oh oh!!!! How about how drug addicts steal and become whores because they can't keep a job????? Want to talk about that? Maybe it's because YOU HAVE TO TAKE A DRUG TEST TO GET A JOB......

    I have a great idea:

    Lets make employees take alcohol tests and make beer and other intoxicating liquors against the law again and see how many of you anti drug shits still shout off how good law abiding sheep you are. That outta even the grounds a little. I can guaran-****ing-tee you half the country would be out of work and on the streets with the "other drugs addicts"....


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    Tech Humor? all righty then, sounds more like Cosmos
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    [Stands for Gore]


    [/Stands for Gore]

    Nice little rant...
    Don\'t SYN us.... We\'ll SYN you.....
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    I guess I was giving a POV that doesn't deny the current situation. I would like to point out I never said you were wrong.

    I would also like to say that I'm no expert on the history of drugs, so that this is just my comment on the situation.

    You may have dabbled in drugs (and I wish to make no assumptions about anyone), but I have only ever smoked cigarettes (so I know I'm no expert), but someone in my family has been effected a lot by marajuana and alcohol particularly, even though alcohol IS legal, he is battling to get himself back on his feet.

    For some people, drugs are a non-issue. You can have a couple of joints (or insert favoured drug here), enjoy it and move on. But for some, it creates an spiral that takes them away from the world. I think generally this is refered to as an addictive personality. It doesn't generally matter what the substance is (or in some cases if its even a substance), the person can get addicted very easily.

    I don't believe this is based on whether the substance is legal or not.

    I think this is about education... That is education of the possible harmful effects of these drugs AND their potency.

    Gore, you obviously feel passionate about this issue and I regard that with respect. I hope you will understand my point of view, even if you don't agree with it.

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