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Thread: Beeps on your PC

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    Beeps on your PC

    As a Wiindows XP user you should know the meaning of beeps on your pc. Here the meanings :

    One Beep :
    DRAM refresh failure
    This may be due to - Bad memory chips
    - A bad DMA Chip
    - Bad memory addressing chips on the motherboard

    Two Beeps :
    Parity error or Parity Circuit failure
    -Your memory may not be seated properly on the mother board.
    -Unplug and plug it properly

    Three Beeps :
    Bad memory or bad mother board

    Four beeps :
    Timer failure in the RAM.

    Five Beeps :
    CPU chip may be dead

    Six Beeps :
    Keyboard controller may have failed

    Seven beeps :
    CPU is dead. Retry the connections and test.
    -Replace the whole motherboard.

    If u want to know more then just log on the URL:- xp-hacks.blogspot.com

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    Hey Hey,

    I'm not usually one to flame... at least not these days.. and seldom twice in the same day to the same user... but for ****s sake... Do you know anything about computers... do you CnP and accept it as the truth?

    How does this apply only to XP users? I'm assuming you're talking about the beeps that come from your computer on start-up...They vary based on a number of factors.. primarily BIOS manufacturer, if I remember correctly, It also has nothing to do with your operating system...

    You can't definitively give an answer.. although I think it would be rather cool to see Windows XP tell you that your motherboard or CPU is bad... that'd be quite impressive... Come on dude.. think a little... this bullshit you're posting is a waste of everyone's time..

    Go read a ****ing book and come back when your IQ has reached 1.

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    HT~ has a point,

    There are three sources of sounds on your PC.

    1. The BIOS

    This is made up of beeps. DEPENDING ON THE BIOS MAKER AND VERSION this can vary from about 5 to as many as 114 sequences.

    Obviously, as the BIOS boots before the OS, the OS is totally irrelevant

    2. The OS

    Windows has a variety of sounds, most of which can be reset or replaced by the user from within Windows.

    3. Applications

    "You've got e-mail" and the like.............I once changed a friend's AOL to say "Hey, some f*****s sent you more junk mail"

    So, #1 is set by the supplier and the other two you can change as you like.

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    Nice try @ttitude. When are you going to learn? How many accounts do you have exactly?

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