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Thread: Trouble with Systemworks 2004 and Server 2003

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    Trouble with Systemworks 2004 and Server 2003

    On an old fileserver, the owner was using Symantec Systemworks 2004. There's a program called, "Go Back" that created a recycle bin for files that were deleted through shares.

    We created a new server, with RAID 5 and Server 2003, and put all the files on there to share. We were backing everything up using Symantec Backup Exec 10d, but I was running into some trouble with it last week. A VP accidentally deleted a file and wanted me to get it back for her. I attempted to get it off a backup, but was having issues that I later resolved. I mentioned I could set up shadowing which would work, but take up a lot of space. One of my coworkers mentioned that we still have the copy of Systemworks 2004 and that would store files in a recyle bin.

    I went online and noticed that it said that it supports Windows 2000. I figured it would support Server 2003 and if it didn't, a prompt would come up to let me know. I installed it and the installation went well. However, my operating systems was unable to boot after reboot. It kept taking me to a Symantec screen and then it rebooted back and just kept cycling.

    I went on the Symantec website and contacted phone support and they said that 2004 will not be supported and I would have to get help online. Went online and they said it wasn't supported. Crap...

    Next tried booting into Lask Known Good Configuration, didn't work.

    Next tried Safemode, GoBack cannot be uninstalled with safe mode.

    I'm not in Safemode with networking so people can access their shares. I don't have much experience editing the registry. I used regedit maybe twice in a lab back in school years ago. It looks like I'm going to try this next, but when no one is around.

    Does anyone have any ideas on what I can do? So far my plans are to backup all the files on a HD through the network; restore from Friday, copy all the files from the HD to the Server and then worry about all the changes I made to Active Directory afterwards.

    Also, does anyone here have any good tutorials on how to use regedit in 2003?

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    There is a program on Symantec's FTP that will remove all traces of Norton products...

    This is a link that TheHorse13 provided earlier... He found the program on an external site....

    Norton Killer.

    It apparently removes ALL norton products.

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    Will it remove Norton products in safemode?

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    I believe so.

    But from what I understand... It will remove EVERYTHING.

    EVERY NORTON PRODUCT will be gone.

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    Thanks a lot everyone. I ended up backing up system state; regediting; then back of with Symantec of data files; recover back to friday night and then restoring the data from the recent data backup from that day. The only changes I needed to make were a couple users I added into an Organizational Unit in Active Directory. Other than that, all good.

    Decided to go back to my first choice, setting up shadowing. Shadowing along with daily backups will go a long way for now.

    Thanks for your help

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