I am in the military stationed overseas and want to knock out my associates degree. Its been hard for me to take courses because of being deployed all the time but I want to get it done soon. I have been in the Navy as a Hospital Corpsman for three years and have 2 years left, they gave me like 40k for school...one of these days I want to be a IT manager someday or something similar. I don't care if the degree is in general studies for right now because I would still want to get my bachelors later in information technology.. i would probably need that anyway in additional to certs in experience. I guess the best way to get experience is by volunteering or are there places where you can work very entry level and get experience while they are sending you to school and the contract would be that you owe the company so many years... Anybody know about that? I was wondering if any of you had a good experience with taking online courses and got their degree that way. I was looking at AIU and I heard its pretty quick 5 wk courses and people have known to get the associates degree knocked out in less than a year. I know the school should be somewhat respected school or your credentials wont look that good but I really dont know how that works, military is my first and my current job but I just want to get out asap.. this war on terroism is giving me to much stress..not knowing where ill be in a month because the possiblility of me being pulled to be a combat medic in iraq.. not to safe. Well thanks for reading all this and helping out I hope most of it made sense i was kinda in a rush.

Do some companys look down upon distance educated degrees?