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Thread: Task Manager Processes

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    Task Manager Processes

    Wasn't sure about posting it in this forum, but as those who are familiar with trying to track down rogue processess, i figured why not here...

    Anyway, if you are familiar with processlibrary, you will like this little addon for Windows, it will quick link you to the library while you have the task manager running and beside each process is an info icon, great for those working on HJT logs....Quick Access
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    How does this differ from the Sysinternals Process Explorer?

    I like this process explorer because it comes from a more respectable source.

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    Process Explorer is a tad too advanced for most people and doesn't tell them about the process... Yes, it breaks it down nicely if you know what you are looking at... But if you don't know what the process is, does or whether it should even be there it doesn't give you a clue...

    This is just an extension on a web site I have used for a long time to determine _what_ a process is and whether is is viable and sensible... There are so many drivers and processes that different vendors run to support their hardware and software that it's impossible to know, just by looking at a process name, what it is doing. This is a nice way of being shown what it is, normally is and what it might be if things are wrong... If you are unhappy with that then you can use Process Explorer to look at it more carefully... If you can understand what it is telling you and know what to look for in there that would be suspicious.

    I like this product... even with just a minute or two playing with it... It's quick and easy and understandable for those who know enough to look at the Task Manager but not quite enough to be able to help themselves...

    Nice one Dalek...
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