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Thread: Windows Vista OEM realese delayed

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    Windows Vista OEM realese delayed

    Story at The Register

    Heres the first paragraph:

    Microsoft has pushed back the consumer release of Windows Vista to January 2007, because it isn't good enough to meet its Q4 2006 target.Instead, Microsoft has staggered the launch into two parts - subscribers to Microsoft's Volume Licensing Program will be able to get the code in November 2006, while OEMs can begin shipping it in January next year. [cont.]
    My main question is, Whats gonna be the main difference in the two releases? Whats the OEM version getting that the volume licence isn't?

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    There are going to be 6 different versions......

    3 for home users
    3 for business

    If you have a open license...then it would be a business version.

    This will allow for business to test before rolling out....

    That what I gleen from it...

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    It's a delay that hurts PC builders far more than it hurts Microsoft - because Microsoft gets to collect a license fee for every PC sold, so long as it ships with some copy of Windows. OEMs had been hoping a Fall launch, with its accompanying marketing blitz, would boost retail sales of consumer PCs. Now they must subsidize the January upgrade, or hope consumers don't get wise, and hold off until the New Year.
    Hmmm................well, those who would pay enough for equipment to run it will hold off, because most of them will know or have advice to that effect.

    They will miss the Christmas sales boom, but people will possibly still go ahead with a purchase of lesser equipment and expect it to last for three years. That would depress Microsoft's sales of Vista during the period.

    Perhaps Microsoft should consider offering a cheap upgrade path to people who buy a computer after the November release of the volume licensing. That would encourage people to buy "Vista ready" machines?

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    I reckon that a little closer to Christmas they will relese some kind of version of it or release the proper version but with less functionality. Like you say nihil - they aint going to want to miss the xmas boom!
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    Hi Nokia

    My comments are partly based on Wall Street and MS stock values. As it was noted in the article the price had fallen by 3% in after hours trading!

    The other point is that people might go for AppleMacs, or even a Unix operating system in the short term?

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