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    Expired drivers license=death penalty in Texas

    Well, you see I have this morbid fascination with the way stupid people die, so I've decided to create a thread for all of those poor souls that die in the most idiotic ways. It's kind of a Darwin Award except, there will be no first or second prize, etc. etc and you can list something that happened a long time ago.

    So this guy in Texas gets pulled over, a routine traffic stop. Decides he's gonna run for it and here's what happened.

    Can someone from Texas clue me in on the laws about expired licenses, do you get sent to the chair, or what? Cause this seems a little drastic to me.

    Add on as you see fit.
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    Don't mud with Texas...

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    You could probably get the chair for being a "Damn Yankee" so why not for an expired drivers license...
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    Hey, Spyder~

    Better delete this before Bill Gates reads it......................he (or Ballmer) might want to apply this to uncertified Microsoft Drivers?

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    And just when you thought it was safe to run through an open field..

    It's amazing that it took them an hour to find the guy..


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    Yanno, you'd figure when he got knee deep he'd stop. Sometimes (thankfully) stupidity IS painful.
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    When you get in mud like that you are NOT supposed to struggle, if you stay still your body will eventually float to the top so you can pull yourself out.... depends on what county he was in for the expired license
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