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Thread: technical difficulties

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    technical difficulties

    whats it mean when your monitor boes black
    and says No video

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    Well, I suppose it means your monitor doesn't have any signal from your video card.

    That would be a basic troubleshooting assumption, even though you've not given us ANY other information to work with. Lucky for you it's a simple situation.
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    well like when i download a game and get ready to play it
    the screen sometimes will say no video
    i usually dont have the problem just once in a while
    the latest incident is when i downloaded
    virtual world map and it said NO VIDEO

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    Ah, but video work with your normal windows desktop ? My vote is for video drivers. Download the latest drivers for your particular video card, uninstall the old and in with the new.

    If it is an older card, it might not support the video modes that these games are trying to run.
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    What make/model computer is it, we've had horrible experience with the Dell GX270 desktops where the video on the motherboard goes bad. Of the 50 we have in the office, everyone has had the motherboard replaced and some of them twice.

    Sorry, meant to include info such as the video starts going out lets say once every 2 weeks and then excelates to several times a day over time.
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    I've seen similar things when using an old crappy monitor that doesn't support higher resolutions and refresh rates.

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    dont forget to check the led on the front of your monitor when you have the no signal message. Its depends on the monitor and how old it is but normally if it remains green then the monitor is recieving a signal but cannot display it. If it goes yellow or orange it probably meant the the monitor isn't getting a signal from your computer. Giving the lack of information it could be anything from a bad video cable to your video card overheating
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    I'm just sat here wondering how the OP determined that "Network Security Discussions" was the appropriate forum for this question given the host of other forums that are here...
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    I'm gonna put it all on a dudd graphics card. pull the graphics card out, and try it in another computer and see if you recieve the same error. If so then it means the card is either faulty, or is not compatible with the app that you are using.


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    i usually dont have the problem just once in a while
    Please clean your cable contacts and make sure that they are firmly attached. Open the case, earth/ground yourself remove the video card and clean its contact strip with isopropyl alcohol or proprietary electrical contact cleaner.

    Blow out any dust from the video slot with compressed air. Then re-seat the card, making sure that it is a firm fit (don't force it though).

    You have an intermittent fault this usually indicates a component that is in the process of failing, or a marginal electrical contact.

    The fact that you are getting this when you are doing video intensive things like games and the World Map suggests that your video card has started to fail.

    If you have a video cable that is not permanently attached to the monitor, you might try using a different one, but I doubt if that is the cause.

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