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Thread: ID Theft Passport

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    ID Theft Passport

    Anyone else think this is kind of interesting ?

    From the article:
    It shows how dismally bad the system is at coping with the aftermath of identity theft," he said. "It's a sad commentary that we have to issue people a 'get out of jail' card because our society can't figure out how to scrub bogus data from computerized databases.
    I kind of agree with that.... Thoughts ?
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    The idea of the "passport" is an excellent one, (although possibly in itself open to abuse after fraud in that the holder could possibly commit a criminal act and then claim it wasn't them by producing this passport).

    But i do agree that it shows the state of the system that we can't ensure mistakes like that are rare. I actually think that in a lot of cases where systems hold bad data its because users and operators don't necessarily know how to use the thing properly. They probably had it installed by a contractor and now understand how to use it and keep it working, but not how to maintain the data quality properly. Unfortunately because of the lack of knowledge they possibly don't even know they have bad data and so think they are doing fine.

    Being an analyst i see ALOT of databases that work fine, but the quality and accuracy of data within in them is not good at all...
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