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Thread: jpg decryption

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    jpg decryption

    Hi guys im stuck on this wargame. Its www.hack.ae.
    Im on level 3 of game 2. Its a jpeg which is supposed to be encryted. Ive tried loads of different programs but havnt made any progress as yet. Im starting to think its not even encrypted.
    Anyways the link is http://hack.ae/Game2/level3/Full-Metal-Alchemist.jpg
    You will need to do the first two levels to get to it because of cookies.
    Id apreciate any help cos ive been stuck on this for ages and its driving me mad

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    a discussion on that game.
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    thanks for the reply but thats for Game1, (which was a lot easier!)
    Ive already checked the comments for Game2 and it seems a lot of people got suck on level3.
    The hint for level3 was "Encrypt text in photo" which leads to a program covered in spyware.
    Which doesnt even work

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    To start..
    It's not really a JPEG..
    The file extention may be .jpg but in reality it is (file) "PC bitmap data, Windows 3.x format, 271 x 303 x 24"

    The size is also correct for a bitmap of those dimensions..

    If I find the time I'll look into this some more..
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    I am not going to go to that site while at work, but is it possible the picture has an "Alternate Data Stream"?

    It is worth looking into. You can used LADS to find out if it is. Good luck!

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    cheers for the reply however it didnt pick up anything.
    Its a interesting one though.
    And its driving me mad

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