I'm trying to copy some files from an old computer over to a newer one (with more space). The older one is running Windows XP Pro, the newer one SLICK/SUPER (a stripped down version of openSUSE 10.0). I have set up an SSH server on the SUSE box, and I downloaded PuTTY on the Windows XP Pro computer to transfer the files over to it.

Here's an example command I used:
pscp c:\file.tgz idiot@

The two computers are connected via a router. Both have 10/100 Mbps NICs, and are connected to the router via cat5s. So, technically I should be getting transfer speeds near 100 Mbps. The only problem is that, in reality, the transfer is going at a pathetic 46 Kbps - so, as you can imagine, copying the 3.8 GB of files from one PC to the other will take a few days at this rate.

Is it going so slowly because I am encrypting the files, or is there something else on the network that I am overlooking which is hindering the transfer? There are only 3 computers on the LAN - the two I've already mentioned, and another laptop which I'm typing this from. Ethereal is taking its time to download here as well, so I won't be able to perform any checkups until the download finishes..

Thanks in advance,