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Thread: login problem in SUSE 10.0

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    login problem in SUSE 10.0


    I was using SUSE LINUX 10.0 for quite a time now, until today!! I wasn't able to login in my user area, nor was anyone else able too.

    When I enter the password and press enter, a black screen appears and then it shows the login screen again. I tried entering the login details again and again but it didnt worked out!!

    If I enter a wrong password, it showed the warning abt the wrong password, just as usual. But, I wasnt able to login even if I entered the right password!! (coz of the above thing)

    I dunno what the heck is goin on......but I seriously dont want to re-install!!!


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    Something may have happened to the Window Manager you use. Hold down ALT and CTRL, then hit F2 to go to a console. Trying logging in there. If it works it's X. If you're using KDE and you can't log in but you CAN log in over a console, just log in as yourself and type this:

    rm -rf .kde

    That will take out your KDE settings folder and should allow you to log in. This happened to me one time and I wasn't sure why but after deleting that folder I could log back in.

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    I am facing a similar problem and i tried the solution but it dint worked for me. Is there some way to login using default settings. I also dont want to reinstall suse.

    Here i stated my problem:
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