Hey you guys. ( sighs) I'm stuck. For the past week I have been attempting to block this myspace website at work and I've run into problems. At one of the buildings I work at we are just using a Linksys router w/ no url blocking or ip blocking mechanisms. (I've updated the firmware and everything). So at that site I just used the built-in web page blocking feature of IE, and so far this has worked. At the second site, which uses firefox, we have a SonicWall router that has all sorts of wonderful features like firewall settings and content filtering...but, alas, the kids have finally figured out about cgi-proxy servers. Myspace.com has literally led to fights among individuals and gangs here in Rochester (and we already had enough fights w/o the website. Just today I had to leave the site mentioned above because 4 fights broke out in the building and the fire alarm was pulled 2wice) and so to crack down on kids being able to access the site (they will spend hours on the thing) we have been blocking it. But now that these kids keep finding differnt proxy servers to bypass our filters I'm trying to find out more about how these specific servers work and stunt their effectiveness. Is there anyone out there who knows how to break the effectiveness of these servers w/o having to add each one to our filter list?