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    Question Counting Email..........

    Hey all,

    Is there any easy way to keep running count of particular emails that show up in your inbox?
    I need a way to automate a process that could tell me how many emails from whoever@Whoever.com came in on that particular day. VS going in and manualy counting the number every single day. Perhaps those numbers could be appended to an excell worksheet or something???

    Im sure there has to be a way just being braindead on a friday.........

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    VBscripting can do things in both Outlook and Excel... It probably could be automated....

    Why wouldn't you look at your mailserver logs and determine that information from there? They can be searched and the relevant lines counted.
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    I'll give you a little more information,

    Im using thunderbird, i have something like 200 accounts with filters setup to drop all of the " leads" email in to the appropriate "leads" folders per account.

    Now everyday i maualy go in to each lead folder under each account and count how many "lead" emails there are, this is droped in to an excell for report that is handed out daily...
    i don't have access to the mail servers, they are hosted by our clients.
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    Well in Gmail you just click on the email address of the person in the contact ist and it shows you all the emails from that particular user.
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