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Thread: 64-bit processors

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    64-bit processors

    I recently purchased a new HP desktop from Best Buy. The salesman was extolling the virtues of the 64 bit processor and he sold me of course, because I am a sucker for any and all technology and spending money!! He told me that the 64 bit proc was 2 processors in one and that the hyper-threading technology used by 32 bit processors was basically a "fake" when compared to the 64. What is the difference between the two? Answers coming from you guys usually shed more light than do the ones from M$ and HP.

    Also, is it true that this is "new" technology and that a lot of apps aren't written yet to take advantage of this 64 bit technology?

    And finally, isn't M$ releasing Vista (Longhorn) with a 64-bit OS edition?
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    64bit technology isn't that new, and 32bit stuff can still be used on 64bit processors (I have 32bit Windows on my 64bit machine). 64bit processors aren't two processors in one (unless they are a dual core). Yes, Vista will have a 64 bit edition (or editions, according to the latest news).

    Here's some more information on 64bit processors. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/64-bit).

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