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Thread: USB Conflict

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    USB Conflict

    One of my fren have a computer running with 2 USB ( 1 for camera and another for internet connection Bulldog DSL) , but they are having conflict, when I try to operate camera and internet at the same time , I lose internet connection. #

    How can i solve this conflict problem ?

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    Is it a USB modem by any chance? These require 500m/amps to function properly - and yep you gessed it a USB port only puts out 500m/amps. So when you fire the camera up as well it is highly likley that it is taking a few milliamps away from the modem causing it to drop its connection. Especialy if they are on the same controller (IE next to each other).

    You can update your 4in1 drivers if you have a VIA MoBo - this is a known issue with their older boards or check the manufacturers web site for known USB issues - the may have released a BIOS update for it or better still buy a little USB expansion card, they only cost a few pound and take 2 seconds to fit.

    It is/was quite a common occurence on older MoBo's but most decent manufacturers have relased either a driver update or a BIOS update to correct the problem by now.

    http://www.usbman.com/ - has a great help section for USB ports.

    Good luck!
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