I have a friend who has a profile on Myspace in order to keep up with her three daughters. She forwarded me a message sent to her from another MySpace member because it seemed odd. The gentleman's profile shows a picture of a middle aged white male claiming to be English and living in London. However, his English isn't the kind of English one would have expected from a Biochemical Engineer... which he claims to be. Initially I thought it was some idiot trying to pick her up so I gave her some text to reply with to him with that should have the effect of driving him away... It was a joke... But he responded and she forwarded me the response... I think I know where this is going and she has agreed to participate in having him reveal his intent so that he can be reported. The conversation so far is below.

The first message was entitled:- hello [Name Withheld], I'm waiting to hear from you soon.

Hello Dear,
Complement of the week dear. My name is Engr. David,a 41 yrs old British and i work with (N.N.P.C) LONDON. i came accross your profile while i was just going through myspace.com where i'm also a member. and i felt like loving you. cos i need a seriouse relationship. but i don't know if you will give me the room for that. just holla me on my yahoo id:xxxxxxxxx@yahoo.com) i will be waiting to hear from you good and cool voice...lol

Your's Sincerely.

Engr. David.
Thinking he was a creep I had her send the following text:-


I've been looking for a seriouse relationship. Will we be allowed to tell, like, the odd joke from time to time or would that be completely out of the question. I would understand if it was a religious requirement for you and would try to curtail my sense of humor whenever I am close to you. Or would that be good enough, would your religion preclude me from humor at any time in my life? I might not be able to keep that up for very long. If I did break the requirement is there some form of penance I would be expected to carry out? You know like Hail Mary's and stuff? That would be a real drag. Talking of drag... I know my profile doesn't really _emphasize_ it but I am one of America's leading drag artistes. Would that be a problem for you? I do hope not because it is very hard to get men to be seriouse about it when I tell them. It's funny really, I have always felt much more feminine than I ever did masculine, even when I played linebacker for my school.

Well.. What do you think?
Well... That actually got a response... entitled: It's Been Nice Hearing From You [Name Withheld]

Thanks [Name Withheld], i'm glad to read from you, and how're you doing today, hope ur ok? well i got ur email, i'll write you an email about that as soon as i'm chanced. but i want you to tell me more about your self, and what u do for work at the moment.I don't mind all that as far as you will love me and keep to my rules and nothing else.

like i ealier stated in my previouse email to you. that i need a seriouse relationship nomatter what the age may be. please do send the info's to my box direct: xxxxxxxxx@yahoo.com

Like you know. my name is David and a 41yrs old British. presently working with NNPC in LONDON, (Nigerian National Petroleum Coporation) in london.

My Dept. Foriegn Contract Awards and Payment Approval. well i donno but if u can let me know u the more. that will be for the best of my pleasure thank you.

Your's Sincerely,

This is where my "scam radar" went off. She has just sent the following:-


I'm so glad my personal circumstances are not of concern to you. I find that quite refreshing. Most men are such pigs about it. With that in mind I would really rather continue to communicate with you here on MySpace. I have to be very careful about whom I deal with and swapping email addresses so quickly worries me. I hope that is ok with you and that you understand.

You wanted to hear more about me. Other than what you have seen from my profile I live in a nice house on the ocean, I love the ocean, do you? I'm an interior designer and have been very busy for the last year when my business really started to take off. I enjoy boating and spend most weekends out on the water. Do you boat David. I hope you do because I love it so much. I very much enjoy classical music and often attend concerts and the opera.

Sorry, I have to run... Complaining customer on the phone... Tell me more about yourself. I look forward to hearing more. You write so well.

[Name Withheld]
That's where we are now... I'll continue to document until he reveals that he is a scammer and then I'll go ahead and report him to MySpace...