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    Smile 2 for today.


    Some might find this non work friendly, but i found it funny so enjoy.

    A bloke is in the Super Market queue when he notices a rather dishy blonde across from him raise her hand and smile hello.

    He is rather taken aback that such a looker would be waving to him, and although familiar he can't place where he might know her from, so he says "Sorry, do you know me?"

    She replies "I maybe mistaken, but I thought you might be the father of one of my children!"

    His mind shoots back to the one and only time he has been unfaithful, "Christ!" he says "are you that stripper on my stag night that I shagged on the pool table in front of all my mates whilst your mate whipped me with some wet celery and stuck a cucumber up my arse?"

    "No" she replies, "I'm your son's English Teacher"
    A bus stops and two Italian men get on. They sit down and engage in an animated conversation. The lady sitting behind them ignores them at first, but her attention is galvanized when she hears one of the men say the following.

    "Emma come first. Den I come. Den two asses come together. I come once-a-more. Two asses, they come together again. I come again and pee twice. Then I come one lasta time".

    "You foul-mouthed sex obsessed swine!" retorted the lady indignantly.

    "In this country...we don't speak aloud in public places about our sex lives."

    "Hey, coola down lady," said the man. "Who talkin' abouta sexa? I'm justa tellin' my frinda how to spella 'Mississippi'."

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    And another 2 more..

    Three New Zealanders and three Aussies are travelling by train to a cricket
    match at the World Cup in England.

    At the station, the three Aussies each buy a ticket and watch as the three New Zealanders buy just one ticket between them.

    "How are the three of you going to travel on only one ticket?" asks one of the Aussies. "Watch and learn," answers one of the New Zealanders.

    They all board the train. The Aussies take their respective seats but all three New Zealanders cram into a toilet and close the door behind them.

    Shortly after the train has departed, the conductor comes around collecting tickets. He knocks on the toilet door and says, "Ticket please."

    The door opens just a crack and a single arm emerges with a ticket in hand. The conductor takes it and moves on.

    The Aussies see this and agree it was quite a clever idea. So after the game, they decide to copy the New Zealanders on the return trip and save some money (being clever with money, and all that).

    When they get to the station, they buy a single ticket for the return trip. To their astonishment, the New Zealanders don't buy a ticket at all!!

    "How are you going to travel without a ticket?" says one perplexed Aussie.

    "Watch and learn," answers a New Zealander. When they board the train the three Aussies cram into a toilet and soon after the three New Zealanders cram into another nearby. The train departs.

    Shortly afterwards, one of the New Zealanders leaves the toilet and walks over to the toilet where the Aussies are hiding.

    He knocks on the door and says, "Ticket please."


    An Aussie, a Kiwi, and a South African are at a bar one night having a beer. All of a sudden the South African drinks his beer, takes off his diamond encrusted watch, pulls out a gun shoots the watch to pieces. He says "In Seth Efrika we have so many diamonds that we don't need to wear the same diamond twice".

    The Kiwi (obviously impressed by this) drinks his beer throw his glass into the air, pulls out his gun and shoots the glass to pieces. He says "Wull mate, in Niw Zulland we have so much sand to make the glass that we don't need to drink out of the same cup twice".

    The Australian then pulls out his gun and shoots the Kiwi.

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