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    Question ipconfig

    Hello, I hope i posted in the right spot...

    Im trying to change my ip address and i have DSL, after searching the web i've learned that ipconfig /release then ipconfig /renew dosent change my ip. So my question is how do i change my ip address and what dose ipconfig release and renew do?

    Thanks in advanced

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    when you get your IP address it is 'leased' for a preset time.
    this is the IP that has been assigned from your ISP

    if you wish to see IPconfig / release / renew at work, then you will need your own little network running

    set the DHCP server to give IP's within your pre-selected range, and set the time scale low
    NOW when you set IPconfig / release
    it WILL release the IP address
    and IPconfig / renew will get you a 'new' IP addy, or at least it 'may' assign you a different one fromt he range you have selected

    forgot to add

    when you release / renew the IP addy from your ISP
    it DOES release / renew the IP, it just re-assigns the one you had.

    best way to get a new IP
    log off for a couple of days, then log in
    the chances are then better that the IP you have 'leased' will have expired, and a new one will be 'issued'
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    You want to change your Ip address............. what ya done!

    Lol, Mr.Loxy has hit the nail on your head, if you absolutley need to change it the best you can do it to log off completely from your connection and wait a while, then log on. Most ISP's will keep the IP assigned to you, untill they need it for someone else or your lease runs out so you may have to stay logged off for a while!
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